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Accurately measure your fake cartier bracelet size

Through the following methods, you can accurately measure their own wearing discount cartier bangle yellow gold size. Whether it is discount cartier love bangle pink gold or crystal agate bracelet are common Oh! Now we can follow the following steps to try.

Knockoff cartier bracelet rose gold

Knockoff cartier bracelet rose gold

Step one: the “thumb” to the little finger to the root of the Department.
Step 2: Use the “thin line” to measure the perimeter of the palm of your hand.
Step three: with a ruler to measure the length of thin lines, you can get the palm of the widest circumference.

Step four: conversion to know their most suitable size range:
Line length: 6 – 9 cm similar cartier bracelet silver diameter 4.0-4.5 cm line length: 10-13 cm bracelet diameter 4.6-4.8 cm line length: 13-15 cm bracelet diameter 4.9-5.1 cm
Line length: 16-19 cm bracelet diameter 5.2-5.4 cm line length: 20-22 cm bracelet diameter 5.5-5.7 cm line length: 23-25 ​​cm wholesale cartier bracelet gold diameter 5.8-6.1 cm
Line length: 26-28 cm bracelet diameter 6.2-6.5 cm Note: If it is oval Knockoff cartier love bangle gold, the line length to add 1.5-2 cm and then converted.

Step five: wear copy cartier bracelet white on the wrist, light like moonlight turn.